About us

Who We Are

Established in 2016, Into the Wild Elephant Camp is an ethical elephant camp in the southern part of Chiang Mai. Our main mission is to give our retired and rescued elephants a home that is safe and sustainable in which there are plenty of space for them to freely roam around and live as naturally as possible. Located in Chiang Mai’s Mae Wang District, our ethical and sustainable camp is surrounded by lush tropical jungle where our elephants can go foraging for food and enjoy bathing in the river that flows through the camp.

About Our Elephants

All elephants at our camp are those that have been with our family for generations. After years of supporting our ancestors in the logging and tourism industries, these elephants have become our family members and it is our responsibility to provide a safe and ethical care for them.

-How We Support the Local Community

At Into the Wild Elephant Camp, we strongly believe in giving back to the local community that plays an important role in our rescue efforts. It has been almost a decade since we began working and cooperating with the Karen hill tribe members from the communities surrounding our ethical elephant camp in Chiang Mai.

Apart from employing people in the local community, it is also our responsibility to support our neighboring villages by providing them with clothing and supplies. By supporting the well-being of our surrounding communities and the economy while carrying out our mission to save and rescue Thai elephants with ethical practices, we aspire to help build a stronger, more vibrant and sustainable global community.

What People Say About Us

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